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Dear grain enthusiasts,

The Mendocino Grain Project, in the manner of many small farming projects, was started with meager personal savings, lines of credit, a personal loan, and the generous support of a partner. The equipment necessary to begin and expand the project -- even used, smaller equipment -- has stretched personal resources and credit to the point that further expansion is impossible without debt relief or additional financing, even as demand for the grains and flours is growing. If the work of the Mendocino Grain Project inspires you and you'd like to watch us increase production of local grains for local use, we hope you'll want to support us.

Our "Wish List"

Donations can be written to "Mendocino Grain Project" and sent to PO Box 1566 Ukiah, CA 95482

Our Bigger Dreams

The demand for local grains is growing more rapidly than can be currently met by existing grain farmers in our area. We need more grain farmers! What that means is increasing our capacity to serve these farmers with cleaning, milling and storage -- and even harvesting of grain crops -- beyond the dozen or so farmers whose grains we already harvest and clean and sometimes mill. This would mean investment of some "serious money" in equipment and facilities.

If you are interested or intrigued by any of the above, each item has a longer story, which I'd be happy to tell you. Please contact me personally by email (doug[at] or telephone (707-621-0972) if you want to know more.

With gratitude for the grains,

Doug Mosel

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