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How to Get Our Grains

Mendocino Grain Project-grown grains are available through our grain share, stores, and bakeries.  You can email us at doug [at] with inquiries about acquiring grains.

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Grain Shares -- 2013 Harvest

What is a Grain Share?

A Grain Share is a portion of the grains produced in a year’s harvest that can be purchased in advance of harvest by members. This model allows for the cost of growing, harvesting and distributing the grain, as well as the risk of poor or failed crops, to be shared among members and the farmers.  Grain share members are our first priority in distributing what we grow.

By becoming a Mendocino Grain Project share member, you are helping

You also get to enjoy fresh grains and legumes grown organically from seeds that are not genetically engineered.

Signing up

2013 Shares are now available for subscription.  To sign up, email us at  Renewing members will be given first choice until October 5, 2013.  After October 5, 2013, subscriptions will be on a first-come, first-served basis.  We give preference to people who live in or near Mendocino County.

What's in a share?

Each share will include approximately 110 lbs of grains. Shares can be distributed at one to two month intervals or all at once, depending on the member’s preference, starting in November 2013.  Half shares are also available and include approximately 55 lbs of the same grains.

Unfortunately, we do not have lentils or barley this year due to crop failure.


We deliver to sites conveniently located in proximity to our members. We determine these sites once we know where our members are located. Deliveries are made once a month.  For our 2012 share, we delivered to Ukiah, Boonville, Healdsburg, and Fort Bragg.


You may choose to receive your grains milled ($250) or whole ($200).  Half shares will cost $150 for milled grains and $125 for whole grains.  Payment will be expected in advance.  Bulk subscriptions (only whole grains) received by October 5, 2013 will receive a 10% discount. To subscribe or for more information, contact us at


The farmers will prepare the fields, care for the soil, plant and harvest the crops, clean and store the grain, and distribute the grain shares to members. Members will receive updates on progress of the crops, expected harvest times, grain shares, and suggestions for storing and using the grains. Members can also share recipes and ideas for using the grain.

Sold at

Westside Renaissance Market | 1003 W Clay Street Ukiah, CA 95482

Ukiah Natural Food Co-op | 721 South State Street Ukiah, CA 95482

Boonville Hotel | 14050 California 128  Boonville, CA 95415

Used by

The Bejker at the Sonoma Farmers' Market

Kemmy’s Pies at the Westside Renaissance Market (Ukiah) and Beck's Bakery (Arcata)

Petit Teton at the Ukiah Farmers' Market

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