Mendocino Grain Project

About the Project

The Mendocino Grain Project aims to provide Mendocino County and adjacent regions with sustainably-cultivated, nutrient-rich grains and legumes.  We grow grains and support other Northern California grain growers by harvesting, cleaning, and milling their crops.  Our granary is in Ukiah, California, and we're very fortunate to be able to grow our grains at Nelson Family Vineyards in the Russian River Valley south of Ukiah.

The Farmers

Doug Mosel

Doug founded the Mendocino Grain Project five years ago, and is the principal farmer, grain cleaner, and miller.

John Gramke



We grow our grains at the Nelson Family Vineyard near Ukiah.  We dry farm, which means the only water for our crops comes from rain, and we do not add any synthetic chemicals to the soil or plants.  The grains are planted in spring and harvested in summer.

May 20132013 Red Fife HarvestJohn Deere harvesting Red Fife

Doug on the Hege at Terra Sávia


We clean, mill, and store grains at our Granary in Ukiah, CA.  Our equipment includes a seed cleaner, gravity table, spiral separator, horizontal stone mill, and a grinder.

East Tyrolean Stone Mill

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